Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Put into practice until you can speak without thinking about each word
You read each section once and listen to the lesson once, you will probably finish in 10-15 minutes. But you will  not be learning anything. Take the time to make each sentence a part of you. You should be able to say each sentence without thinking about it. Use the Interactive Conversation Practice session over and over again until you can be fluent for that category . Don't be discouraged if a lesson takes you a long time. 

Put in your time and effort
Don't believe book titles that you can say you can learn English in 3 months. That is a lie and only the smartest of all genius's will be able to accomplish that. More realistically, it will take quite a long time. Depending on how much time and effort you put into it , you can finish this whole site and learn how to speak English in one year. Even if it takes two years,it is a great accomplishment seeing how many users study English for 10 years without being able to speak English. 
Extra English study Guidance
Evaluation on a regular basis
It is normal to forget things that you do not use. Even after mastering a lesson, you should re-do the Interactive Conversation portion of that lesson on a regular basis so you don't forget it. After awhile, when those sentences are engraved in your head, you will be speaking English fluently. 

Inquire questions anytime you want
All users are welcome to view the postings on our Forum page. While studying English, you can always come into the forums page and ask question

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