Sunday, January 16, 2011

Steps to English vocabulary

Speak fluent English, you should know that the vocabulary available. All students in English knows, but the problem is not the right method to use to learn vocabulary, most students a dictionary and start memorizing random words that no sense!
I have written these few simple steps for you.
If you learn more words in a short period of time:
1) Choose a topic:
It is the first step you select the theme you want to learn the vocabulary, for example, you can eat, transportation to choose ... This is very powerful, because every time you have an English word, you will not forget all the other words that you found her.
I suggest that you choose a topic you need from his vocabulary, for example if you are an entrepreneur, you can choose a theme related to the company ...

2) Use photos, remember English words more quickly:
The idea of the images is an old idea, but it still works.
It is also used by native speakers of children.
I already talked about children learning English and this article offers some tips to speak English and also in many others.
Steps to English vocabulary
3) Write sentences in English:
In general we talk about writing new words of English, but I'm talking about writing sentences in English that contains new words of English. If you're a new word, write the whole sentence, it is in English, many students have a huge vocabulary in their minds, but they do not know how to use basic vocabulary, because they just write lists of words in their specifications.
So you need to write sentences in English for two things in one.

4) Take-related English words:
What does this mean? and that means that when you find a new word, try using groups of words that accompany it too. It is also called tag trees. For example, if your word is the hotel, you can add "room, bed .
It is very easy if you've chosen a theme that I said.

5) English words with the same root:
This is very powerful and very simple, but you can skip this step if you do not know if you can not find the words.
It is to find other English words that have the same root (noun, adjective, verb, ...) have
For example: travel -> Travel - Travel -> ...

6) Use new words in English:
If you think you sentences with new words in your notebook is enough, you're all wrong!
You must use the new words you found, you should practice with your friends in English (this is the best way to practice English: speaking English with native speakers)

7) Review New English vocabulary at all times:
If you have not reviewed the new vocabulary you've learned is the same as if you did nothing!
The exam is so important, learning method consists of: understanding, learning, revised. If you are one of them will be a big problem (maybe you never speak English as you do!)

Never Learn Grammar Rules

In fact, by studying the grammar to make it harder for you to talk, because once you speak, you think of grammar rules and it makes you very angry, and you learn not to speak unless your sentence is correct , and that is the biggest mistake students make!
Study of grammar is very dangerous right way to teach grammar to a method where you learn to choose, without studying, because if you study, you never learn!
I will talk about some good methods you can do to learn grammar easily and without the study:
Never Learn Grammar Rules

If you are studying grammar, stop doing, and wait about 2-3 weeks before you start leaning to the right method.If you participate in an English school, you should immediately stop or an appointment with your school. Before we begin, I ask you a question: what kind of books do you read?
Think about it within seconds or minutes to read.
It easier for you to answer, I'll give you a few choice grammar, stories, novels, children's books, vocabulary books, newspapers ... etc.
If your answer is this one: grammar, vocabulary books, my advice for you to sell to another person or to throw over the window.
If you answered newspaper: my advice to you is to keep them away from you for a while (at least 6 months)
If your answer novels, stories for children: my advice is to read, they're great!
Now I will explain in more detail the situation:
Grammar and vocabulary books are now your enemy, you must learn to hate them as soon as possible, they both teach you English do not speak English, and they are useless!
They spend so much time, without any improvement, and they are also educational materials, so they are not good! You must learn to hate them.
Stay away, do not keep in your home, and never open a book of grammar or vocabulary book ever!
Grammar learns to think in English, and vocabulary books tell you memorize word lists, and you can not do that!
In a real conversation (not a review or an e-mail or postal mail, etc ...) you have time to think about grammar or did not remember the words so you need to learn a powerful method!
Newspapers are good, but they are too difficult for you now, use your dictionary more than once as you read, it is also difficult for native speakers to keep them away from you until you learn basic vocabulary, and speak without thinking and grammar, without studying.
Finally, the novels and stories are best for you now, they're easy to read, so you do not need a dictionary, even if there are words that do not now feel you understand without the help of a dictionary and this helps you deeper into your brains!
Although both novels and short stories are ideal for learning without study, I recommend many novels Reasons:
The first reason is because they are long, yes, you read a difficult word more than once, and it's a powerful way to learn vocabulary without having to remember if you do not understand a word just relax and continue reading without opening your dictionary, maybe the next time you'll understand.
Seeing the same word in different phrases you get deeper in the brains, without the need for a dictionary that is very powerful!
Only because the novels are long, you become more familiar with the writer, because everyone has the words and repeat them. (Ex: read my articles and you will see that I have a few words, I repeat a lot, if you read many of my articles, you get me 100%)
If you like novels you read, you will not feel that you are a student, you should choose the novels before you start reading.
Furthermore, in one of my articles as a bonus, I give you a few titles of great novels that I recommend you read, and I will also give you a few chapters! I think you enjoy it.
Another thing why the novels are great because they use textbooks in English is not really English, and that's what you need to learn!
Read a large number of terms, slang, common phrases. In short, occasionally in English!
You must first novels and easier than going step by step to more novels and more difficult to improve.
Yes, without thinking that your grammar or vocabulary, learning and fun at the same time, you better step by step in order to achieve a high level in English!
NEVER grammar study is a long article, but I mentioned a method in the future class I will discuss a number of other methods even easier and faster!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Types of Noun

Content word that can be used to refer to a person, place, thing, quality, or action
Common NounsThese are words that are used to refer to common and non-specific things.

Examples:  girl, boy, camera, computer, keyboard
Types of Noun

Proper Nouns:These are names of people, places, organisations businesses, schools universities etc.  They are always written with a capital letter, even if they are in the middle of a sentence.

Examples:  London, Paris, Michael, Angela, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Oxfam, King Edward VII, Cambridge University.

Abstract Nouns:

These are words used to name non-physical things. These include feelings, states of mind, concepts etc.

Examples: love, hatered, ambition, cynicism, reluctance, mathematics, sociology

Collective Nouns:

These are words that are used to describe groups of things.

Examples: platoon, class, band, cast

Note:  Some collective nouns can only be used to refer to specific groups.

Examples: herd (of cattle),  flock (of sheep),  gaggle (of geese), caravan (of camels)

A singular collective noun refers to one group, but a collective noun in plural form refers to two or more groups of the same thing.
Example: herd / herds

singular:  A herd of cattle is grazing in the field.

plural:  Many herds of cattle can be seen while driving through farm lands.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Improve your ability to read English quickly

Improve your ability to read English quickly and accurately takes much practice. However, you do not read documents or annoying than these words and concepts that you're not interested once you know the basics of English, you can choose from a wide range of reading materials, including different methods of presentation. Here are some fun ways your reading comprehension in English skills.

World Play Games
Today, crossword puzzles and other word game fun and non-native English speakers of all ages. If you are looking for a way to improve your vocabulary and have fun at the same time, these types of puzzles can be of great help to you. If it's something that interests you, you might also consider Scrabble, word searches and other similar games.
Take a speed reading course
If you're not interested in word games, you might want to try a speed reading course. These classes teach you how to select keywords on a point and understand the message without reading every word for word of the sentence. That said, if you have trouble isolating the nouns and verbs, you need more practice before attempting to take these courses.
Improve your ability to read English quickly

Make notes about topics that interest you
If you read a book about a topic you love, taking notes. These samples can be literally in the text or you can try to place items in your own words. If you write, you also have the opportunity to reflect on the structure of sentences and see how ideas are transmitted. This will help you learn to address these issues in a way that seems more natural.

Select materials will challenge you

Like exercise, you should constantly new goals for yourself so you can continue to grow and improve. For example, if you work your way through the book page of 100 children, it's time to start a book or on a more difficult issue to address. No matter what topics you are most interested, you'll be able to understand books that are harder to find than others. By applying to those who are harder, then you more fluency in English.

Several authors reading material
Given the number of people who have Web sites, it is easy for a wide range of styles of writing in English to enjoy. This will help you learn more about the flexibility of English, and ways of expression that most people are comfortable with. If you already know a lot about a particular subject in your own language, you can use this context to help you read English sites that focus on similar concepts.

Spend time reading materials
For the most part, once you know the basics of the language, practice their English and time is your most valuable professors. It is important to spend time reading materials that interest you in as many forms as possible and spice up your practice with things like word games and reading speed classes. Over time - and with much work - you'll see a dramatic improvement in your understanding of written English

Monday, January 10, 2011

Interview technique

In the absence of interviews are fairly predictable, there is no magic formula you can follow. However, if you plan and prepare carefully, your chances of getting the job will be. The information provided here is intended to help all job seekers.
What will you be interviewed? It is essential that you have a clear idea of what the work entails. Read the announcement. Look at the demands of the job itself. How is the work described? Do you? Look at what the job requirements and what other things are implied. Do you have the qualifications and experience? Are you overqualified? The training given? There may have qualifications or experience needed, or you may be able to make a case for lack of qualifications to be offset by related work experience or vice versa.
Interview technique

Once you've decided to take the job, do everything you can about the organization and the request. You may need advice on this, if you can not make your own. Making the right choice at this stage can mean the difference between his invited for an interview and a quick death. Keep a copy of the original offer and your application, allowing you to refresh your memory before the interview.

Work on your strengths and weaknesses:

Work on your strengths and weaknesses before the request. Strengths and weaknesses must be assessed in light of the demands of your job or career choice. If you have not thought about everything and you're not really qualified or experienced enough for the items you need, your morale will crash later with the rejection letters. You need a good understanding of your points higher than in any business. You should also consider your potential weaknesses. Be realistic - no one expects you to be perfect, but balance is essential. There may be ways to make your weak points in a positive light, if you do not seem too intelligent or arrogant.

Technical Interview:
A good interviewer will treat you politely, will ensure that you will be free from interruptions and noise, and you have been at ease before the interview starts. Often you will be asked about your trip or the time at first.

A good interviewer you test through his questions to see if you are able to do the work, and will also provide information about the work. It is important to society that even if you do not like the job, you should not leave the interview feeling of injustice. You have to listen while they talk, stay alert and giving reaction when you ask if you have something to add if you are not sure to continue talking.

Once the call begins, the interviewer can begin to tell you more about the work and society, or you can ask questions first and then you have the details of what the job entails giving. The interviewer will probably take notes, do not be discouraged by this. Most interviewers a few memories of the things you have said that they later recall all the facts and make informed decisions about which candidate to appoint. It is in your interest that they write rather than to forget you. Do not make the mistake of trying to see what the interviewer wrote, it probably will not help you and destroy your concentration on what you say.

The questions themselves may be asked a variety of ways. A good researcher would link the issues and the conversation will flow as one question leads naturally to another. Most interviewers will try to ask all candidates the same kind of issues so they have a basis of comparison, while the flexibility to probe possible weaknesses.

Make a good impression
Researchers often evaluate people very quickly when she entered the room. Typically, they analyzed the candidate in about four minutes, which means that your first four minutes are very important. However, it is possible to redeem yourself - the last minute and how to deviate from the interview are also very important. The memories of first impressions and last impressions count. So try your weak points until the middle of the interview.

The researcher will have to see what kind of person you are and where you fit into the organization is happy there. You'll show them what kind of person you are with each answer you give to each question. Your preferences may reveal your motivation as well. Although you may think you are lucky not to the interviewer, remember that if you're lucky, you will not interrupt others and will probably continue with the company longer. Nobody wants to hire someone who is always miserable or groan.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Success Interview Positive Reply

Interview - Positivity is the answer
You prepare yourself for a job interview in English? Would you like a number of questions you may be asked and possible responses appropriate know?
We show you below a series of questions and answers (in English), which argues that the solution for adequate maintenance of positivity.In today's market, a strong candidate if you're facing a fierce competition to say the right things can mean winning or losing that dream job. 
Success Interview Positive Reply

Q: Why do you want this job?
Be honest with yourself: Are you interested in what the position entails? Or is it just an impressive increase in salary? You should know exactly what's expected of you. Do you have a job? Have you looked at the website of the company? One answer might be recommended: "I am convinced that the role best suited for my career aspirations and current skills.

Q: Why should I hire you?
This question is about selling yourself. Try to emphasize your strengths, using examples of work you have done all the requirements for this role. You might say something like: "I think the job description that I could bring many skills to the organization.

Q: What is your greatest weakness?
This is called a negative question that interviewers use to your ability to keep your head cool test. Let's be honest: we all have weaknesses. But you must try your weaknesses into something positive. One possible answer might be: "I think time management is something that I could work, but I'm better the priority." Prevent a "perfectionist" or say things like: "I have no weaknesses that I know. This makes you seem arrogant and presumptuous.

Q: Why are you leaving your current role?
Always remain positive when discussing the reasons for your departure. You should have a structured answer to this question for an interview. Simply stating that a "new challenge" will or "environmental changes" can sometimes send warnings to employers because they are worried about hiring a job hopper who are constantly looking for something harder. Be honest, yet professional. No employer wants to hire you as negative about previous employers and you will immediately be considered unprofessional.

Q: Tell us something about yourself?

This is not a chance to tell the interviewer your life story. When interviewers ask this question, they are more interested to know what you like about your career and as a person and how you would fit into the corporate culture. A good answer to this might be something like: "I enjoy meeting new people and enjoy involvement in the management of projects and events.

Q: Where will you be in five years?
Unfortunately, many people are generally not prepared for this, and few of them know what they want in five years. "One suggested answer might be:" I would think that I work for a successful organization of this kind, but in a role with more responsibilities ", or" Whatever I do, I want the best of my ability. "It is how you react instead of what you say is most important here.
Finally, remember that the interview is a two way process, so it is important to a list of questions you can ask your partner to finish. These could include asking the interviewer what motivated him to join the organization, or if they have doubts about your skills / experiences on this point.
Remember that an interview should not be a difficult process if you are well prepared and I know exactly why you go for the role. The key to a successful interview is positive.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Increase your TOEFL scores

TOEFL Vocabulary audio learn
Learn Editors Audio | MP3 192 kbps | 247 MB
Improving your spelling. A better understanding of the syntax. Increase your TOEFL scores. Learn Audio includes more than 500 words that frequently appear on the TOEFL exam, making it your indispensable study guide when it comes to TOEFL vocabulary. Main topics: spelling sentence syntax and pronunciation more! With its convenient format, namely audio fits your active lifestyle, allowing you to study anywhere, anytime. Best of all, you'll significantly increase learning and retention with proven study format audio learn.
Increase your TOEFL scores

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Software to learn English

Exciting new software to learn English is now available. If you are one of the many people who work to learn English as a second language or third, you are probably interested in new methods of learning languages. With the advanced technology of today, just as you rely solely on books on tape or go to class, but you can take advantage of this new technology.
Although there is some controversy surrounding the use of software to learn English, many found it a valuable tool. So whatever your age or ethnicity, it's never too late or too early to learn to speak English. Whether you choose a software or any other form of language learning, no doubt you will find it exciting and worthwhile.
Software to learn English
Advantages and Disadvantages of using software to learn English
As with most styles of learning English, there are advantages and disadvantages to using software to learn English. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this software to decide whether the software is really a good choice for your specific needs.

Learn at your own pace - a pro using the software to learn English is that you can learn the language in your own time. There will be no need to worry about fitting classes into your schedule and you can learn at a pace that suits you best.
Continuous operation - Once you have the software to learn English, you can continue, even after mastering the basics. The software can still be used to improve your English by practicing or maintaining your skills at their best.

Not so many real interaction - On the other hand, a cunt use this software for learning English is not much interaction with real software. In one class, your English with others, but with software, human interaction is missing.
The price can be costly - Another idiot who can not allow people to use software as a method of learning English is that the price may be a bit pricey. Some software can cost over $ 250, which is quite a bit of money to pay for software.

Tips to remember when buying software for learning English
If you decide to go with software for learning English, no doubt you want to get the best software available. The following are some tips to help you make the best choice of software.

Tip # 1 - Compare prices - Using this software to buy, make sure you take the time to compare prices. You want the best deal by comparing prices of the same software in multiple locations can help you save money.

Tip # 2 - Read Comment- Comment on the playback software can be useful as well and can get an idea of the best software options available to give. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each software, choose one that seems to have the best ratings.

Tip # 3 - Compare Features - Take a look at the features of both when it comes to choosing a software package. Want as many functions as possible to help you learn better English.

Selection of software for learning English Soon

So if you really consider a software program to learn English, the following are some of the best software choices to consider.

Tell Me More Premium - This software is expensive, about $ 300, but it comes with many features and useful tools for learning. You start by learning the fundamentals of vocabulary and simple English. If you go, your skills will be built with writing, reading, pronunciation exercises, and even listening comprehension exercises.

Learn English Now - A cheaper alternative when it comes to software for learning English is learning English now. You only pay $ 42 for this software, a great value. It offers the ideal education for all levels of students in basic English, but he taught only in Spanish and English.

English Lab - This software will cost just under $ 65 and it has much to offer for the price. You get a glimpse of the English language and many exercises, such as filling the void and audio exercises are included. If it can not so thoroughly course it will definitely help you with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

With all these different options of software to learn English, you will be on your way to power soon.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Step's to find a job

Finding a job is a horrible experience for most people in the world. There is nothing worse than to wake up in the morning and go "job search", somehow even the worst job / s you have already taken such as "search the job better than that. It is worse when you open the mailbox, and bills piling up, for reasons still send bills always seems to work. It is certain things you can do to make life a little easier. The first is to make sure that you trust. I know that it is easy to say, and almost impossible to do, but it is always important. Here are a few to help find a job.
Step's to find a job

1.Set hours - to set an exact date for hours that you work for "job application" It seems so simple, even stupid, but you'll be surprised how often we are ensuring interferes. home, cleaning, meetings, helping friends, etc. It is not unusual when you think they are unemployed, "on vacation" feeling, and may think that you are available "to start from."
Tell everyone that you do not mind if tp "work" and that "job search" time to spend. If possible, try to be as close as possible "job search" as possible as you would if you were at work. If you're used to working 8 hours a day, then spend 8 hours a day to look for work, and make tea and coffee breaks, and eating

 2.Resumes - Please re-enter, and is constantly looking for ways to improve your CV. Do not think that just because "professional" to write a CV, "it can not be improved or changed. Do not let people zelf" professionals "to tell you that there is only one way to continue writing. There are a few different basic forms of recovery, but there are many" means "to rewrite the job.

Modify your resume - If you do not get a good answer to continue you have sent, it is time to consider or amend your CV.

Guest CV - Ask the people in your CV, forums and newsgroups are a good place to note again to receive feedback. Be sure to remove your personal information.

The Internet has 100 sites, how to improve your CV. Custom write your resume to meet the requirements of each contract, if possible, of course, and writes a good letter.

3.Business cards - are a necessity, because you are unemployed does not mean you do not have work and want to present yourself as a professional at all times. If you have a little money, no worries. Create a series of cards myself. Purchase special paper, you can print cards on paper cut.
There are many different business card templates you can download, and a little more or less complete data, and print. It's as simple as it sounds, and if you do not have a printer, then ask a friend or try your local library.

4.Improving your skills - If you feel or if you have "free time", try your skills, the Internet is a great way to start doing, if seized, more powerful computers, learn new ideas, updating information, etc.

5.Contact Building - If you are looking for work. Find your former classmates, people you went to school, military unit or other group of people to common ground.
Does not start, I'm looking for a job, but the time to really learn and friendship, because that way they will be more inclined to help you develop.

6. Forum - Join the message boards and discussion groups, get active is a great way for people who can give advice or even give you a job to know.

7.Be Friendly - to participate in local events that are free of course. Out of volunteers and talk to people, say hello, and tell them how you are looking for work and give them a copy of the card, so they can get back to you. Get to know people who live in their neighborhood stores to know (if such a thing where you live)

8.Fax/E-Mail - Send faxes and emails from the world's people and places and places do not have a job, you never know who is the work of the future. It does not cost money or if the fax does not have much money, and it is a good way places looking for a job