Thursday, July 1, 2010

Greetings in English

How to say hello in English. On these pages you can listen to and practice greeting people in a variety of situations - from the classroom to business.
Basic Greetings in English
There are many ways to say hello in English. Sometimes you say a quick hello as you are passing somebody. At other times a greeting leads to a conversation. Friend and family members greet each other in a casual way. Business greetings are more formal.
On the following pages you can listen to and practice greeting people in a variety of situations
Greetings in Passing
It is polite to greet a person you know. However, you don't always have time to stop and have a conversation. Just remember to smile remember to smile as you say hello. A small wave is also polite. Sometimes you pass the same person second time on the same day. You can say "hello again" or just smile.
Greetings before a Conversation
Sometimes you stop and talk for a minute as you say hello. This type of greeting is followed by a conversation. Close friends often hug when they greet each other, especially after a long time without seeing one other. Men sometimes give each other a hand shake or a high-five (touch palms above the head).
greetings in English

Greetings in Business
Proper etiquette is important in business greetings. Make sure to use polite language such as "please" and "thank you". Appropriate tiles and gestures should also be used. Shaking hands is common in most English speaking countries. It is also important to smile
Greetings at a Party or Social Event
It is polite to greet many people at a social event. This is called "mingling". After you greet people you know look for people you haven't met before. Introduce yourself and start a conversation.
Greetings in a Friend's Home
When you go into a friend's home, it is polite to greet other people (relatives/roommates) in the house. Say hello and introduce yourself

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