Sunday, January 16, 2011

Steps to English vocabulary

Speak fluent English, you should know that the vocabulary available. All students in English knows, but the problem is not the right method to use to learn vocabulary, most students a dictionary and start memorizing random words that no sense!
I have written these few simple steps for you.
If you learn more words in a short period of time:
1) Choose a topic:
It is the first step you select the theme you want to learn the vocabulary, for example, you can eat, transportation to choose ... This is very powerful, because every time you have an English word, you will not forget all the other words that you found her.
I suggest that you choose a topic you need from his vocabulary, for example if you are an entrepreneur, you can choose a theme related to the company ...

2) Use photos, remember English words more quickly:
The idea of the images is an old idea, but it still works.
It is also used by native speakers of children.
I already talked about children learning English and this article offers some tips to speak English and also in many others.
Steps to English vocabulary
3) Write sentences in English:
In general we talk about writing new words of English, but I'm talking about writing sentences in English that contains new words of English. If you're a new word, write the whole sentence, it is in English, many students have a huge vocabulary in their minds, but they do not know how to use basic vocabulary, because they just write lists of words in their specifications.
So you need to write sentences in English for two things in one.

4) Take-related English words:
What does this mean? and that means that when you find a new word, try using groups of words that accompany it too. It is also called tag trees. For example, if your word is the hotel, you can add "room, bed .
It is very easy if you've chosen a theme that I said.

5) English words with the same root:
This is very powerful and very simple, but you can skip this step if you do not know if you can not find the words.
It is to find other English words that have the same root (noun, adjective, verb, ...) have
For example: travel -> Travel - Travel -> ...

6) Use new words in English:
If you think you sentences with new words in your notebook is enough, you're all wrong!
You must use the new words you found, you should practice with your friends in English (this is the best way to practice English: speaking English with native speakers)

7) Review New English vocabulary at all times:
If you have not reviewed the new vocabulary you've learned is the same as if you did nothing!
The exam is so important, learning method consists of: understanding, learning, revised. If you are one of them will be a big problem (maybe you never speak English as you do!)