Sunday, January 16, 2011

Never Learn Grammar Rules

In fact, by studying the grammar to make it harder for you to talk, because once you speak, you think of grammar rules and it makes you very angry, and you learn not to speak unless your sentence is correct , and that is the biggest mistake students make!
Study of grammar is very dangerous right way to teach grammar to a method where you learn to choose, without studying, because if you study, you never learn!
I will talk about some good methods you can do to learn grammar easily and without the study:
Never Learn Grammar Rules

If you are studying grammar, stop doing, and wait about 2-3 weeks before you start leaning to the right method.If you participate in an English school, you should immediately stop or an appointment with your school. Before we begin, I ask you a question: what kind of books do you read?
Think about it within seconds or minutes to read.
It easier for you to answer, I'll give you a few choice grammar, stories, novels, children's books, vocabulary books, newspapers ... etc.
If your answer is this one: grammar, vocabulary books, my advice for you to sell to another person or to throw over the window.
If you answered newspaper: my advice to you is to keep them away from you for a while (at least 6 months)
If your answer novels, stories for children: my advice is to read, they're great!
Now I will explain in more detail the situation:
Grammar and vocabulary books are now your enemy, you must learn to hate them as soon as possible, they both teach you English do not speak English, and they are useless!
They spend so much time, without any improvement, and they are also educational materials, so they are not good! You must learn to hate them.
Stay away, do not keep in your home, and never open a book of grammar or vocabulary book ever!
Grammar learns to think in English, and vocabulary books tell you memorize word lists, and you can not do that!
In a real conversation (not a review or an e-mail or postal mail, etc ...) you have time to think about grammar or did not remember the words so you need to learn a powerful method!
Newspapers are good, but they are too difficult for you now, use your dictionary more than once as you read, it is also difficult for native speakers to keep them away from you until you learn basic vocabulary, and speak without thinking and grammar, without studying.
Finally, the novels and stories are best for you now, they're easy to read, so you do not need a dictionary, even if there are words that do not now feel you understand without the help of a dictionary and this helps you deeper into your brains!
Although both novels and short stories are ideal for learning without study, I recommend many novels Reasons:
The first reason is because they are long, yes, you read a difficult word more than once, and it's a powerful way to learn vocabulary without having to remember if you do not understand a word just relax and continue reading without opening your dictionary, maybe the next time you'll understand.
Seeing the same word in different phrases you get deeper in the brains, without the need for a dictionary that is very powerful!
Only because the novels are long, you become more familiar with the writer, because everyone has the words and repeat them. (Ex: read my articles and you will see that I have a few words, I repeat a lot, if you read many of my articles, you get me 100%)
If you like novels you read, you will not feel that you are a student, you should choose the novels before you start reading.
Furthermore, in one of my articles as a bonus, I give you a few titles of great novels that I recommend you read, and I will also give you a few chapters! I think you enjoy it.
Another thing why the novels are great because they use textbooks in English is not really English, and that's what you need to learn!
Read a large number of terms, slang, common phrases. In short, occasionally in English!
You must first novels and easier than going step by step to more novels and more difficult to improve.
Yes, without thinking that your grammar or vocabulary, learning and fun at the same time, you better step by step in order to achieve a high level in English!
NEVER grammar study is a long article, but I mentioned a method in the future class I will discuss a number of other methods even easier and faster!

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  1. You have a very interesting take on learning English. I agree that trying to learn grammar systematically is a very tedious and inefficient method. And I agree that reading is an important key that will open many doors to vocabulary and grammar both.

    Also, I just like your style -- you are not afraid to make a mistake, you just speak your mind and even though there are many errors, your ideas come across very clearly, most of the time.

    It's also important, however, to keep in mind the importance of feedback. I read what you've written and for me it's very easy to correct your grammar. For example, I can rewrite your first sentence like so:

    "In fact, studying grammar makes learning harder, because you get distracted by all the rules, and that makes you upset. You become afraid to speak at all unless each sentence you utter is correct, which is a huge mistake."

    Simply by reading what I've written and comparing it with your original you can very quickly learn a great deal. No need for grammatical rules. But you do need feedback!

    I've recently created a blog for people like yourself, who are not native English speakers and could use some feedback from someone who is. It's called "English Proper" and the URL is

    But your blog is important nevertheless. Because you provide an excellent example of how to fearlessly jump in and attack the problem head-on. So even though you don't write in perfect English, you have developed a very interesting and distinctive style, which is meaningful and enjoyable to read. Good luck.