Friday, January 7, 2011

Success Interview Positive Reply

Interview - Positivity is the answer
You prepare yourself for a job interview in English? Would you like a number of questions you may be asked and possible responses appropriate know?
We show you below a series of questions and answers (in English), which argues that the solution for adequate maintenance of positivity.In today's market, a strong candidate if you're facing a fierce competition to say the right things can mean winning or losing that dream job. 
Success Interview Positive Reply

Q: Why do you want this job?
Be honest with yourself: Are you interested in what the position entails? Or is it just an impressive increase in salary? You should know exactly what's expected of you. Do you have a job? Have you looked at the website of the company? One answer might be recommended: "I am convinced that the role best suited for my career aspirations and current skills.

Q: Why should I hire you?
This question is about selling yourself. Try to emphasize your strengths, using examples of work you have done all the requirements for this role. You might say something like: "I think the job description that I could bring many skills to the organization.

Q: What is your greatest weakness?
This is called a negative question that interviewers use to your ability to keep your head cool test. Let's be honest: we all have weaknesses. But you must try your weaknesses into something positive. One possible answer might be: "I think time management is something that I could work, but I'm better the priority." Prevent a "perfectionist" or say things like: "I have no weaknesses that I know. This makes you seem arrogant and presumptuous.

Q: Why are you leaving your current role?
Always remain positive when discussing the reasons for your departure. You should have a structured answer to this question for an interview. Simply stating that a "new challenge" will or "environmental changes" can sometimes send warnings to employers because they are worried about hiring a job hopper who are constantly looking for something harder. Be honest, yet professional. No employer wants to hire you as negative about previous employers and you will immediately be considered unprofessional.

Q: Tell us something about yourself?

This is not a chance to tell the interviewer your life story. When interviewers ask this question, they are more interested to know what you like about your career and as a person and how you would fit into the corporate culture. A good answer to this might be something like: "I enjoy meeting new people and enjoy involvement in the management of projects and events.

Q: Where will you be in five years?
Unfortunately, many people are generally not prepared for this, and few of them know what they want in five years. "One suggested answer might be:" I would think that I work for a successful organization of this kind, but in a role with more responsibilities ", or" Whatever I do, I want the best of my ability. "It is how you react instead of what you say is most important here.
Finally, remember that the interview is a two way process, so it is important to a list of questions you can ask your partner to finish. These could include asking the interviewer what motivated him to join the organization, or if they have doubts about your skills / experiences on this point.
Remember that an interview should not be a difficult process if you are well prepared and I know exactly why you go for the role. The key to a successful interview is positive.


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